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Full lace wig £175 in Manchester

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Pro Hair Solutions provide superior grade Full Lace Wigs at very competitive prices. All our wigs are designed to perfection. Come and visit our Manchester, England based store. or visit our website or even still call us for more on 0161 276 0810

Full Lace Invisa Wigs are the latest technology for hairextensions. invisa wigs have been worn for years by many celebrities such as Beyonce, Tyra banks,Britney spears, Oprah and many others. It's the hollywoodsecretfor great hair. Our Invisa Lace wig is constructed to match the realistic hair pattern that grows from the scalp. It is the most natural and beautiful looking hair replacement system today. It looks so natural that it is undetected by anyone, even from inches away.

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September 24
00161276 0810
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